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Are College and Senior Living Similar? Check Out Our New Virtual Tour and See for Yourself

Virtual tours are all the rage today, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re being used by would-be home buyers who are eager to view potential properties from the comfort of their couches and by high school students who want to check out college campuses but can’t freely travel these days. That’s why Amaran Senior Living is proud to have launched its own virtual tour, to engage potential residents and showcase its many amenities and features.

 In fact, we’ve heard from several adults who are in the “sandwich generation,” that is, helping launch their high school students off to college and also trying to find safe, appealing accommodations for their parents, how helpful the tour is. That gave us a realization…that senior living can be a lot like the college experience. When we think back on our college days, we are often nostalgic for what the environment offered us, and if you’ve set foot on a college campus—or viewed one via a virtual tour—you know that there have been lots of improvements since you were a co-ed.

 The same can be said of the senior living experience—that if you haven’t visited a senior living campus lately, you might not know what you’re missing. We invite you to take our virtual tour and see for yourself but with all the fun we had putting it together, it got us thinking of the many ways that senior living can be like college living. Here are a few:

  1. You get to make new friends.

 One of the best parts of college was all the relationships you formed, just by “being.” There was no effort involved in having to make plans; just head out your door to find the fun! That’s what we offer at Amaran with so many ways to mix and mingle. Whether you’re sharing a meal or bonding over a film in the theater, a game in our many open spaces, or your green thumbs in our community garden, we encourage our residents to get out of their room and meet a wide variety of people. Through our collaboration with Montessori, your new best friend might even be a stand-in grandkid. Our Resident Directory helps you identify people you’ve met so you can greet them warmly the next time you see them.

  1. You get to learn new things.

Even better…you get to choose what you learn. No “core” classes here; you won’t have to tackle math, science or literature, if those aren’t your thing. Instead you can learn a new skill, like how to woodwork, or practice one that might have been dormant with your busy work/life schedule, like painting. You’ll be surrounded by other lifelong learners, all absorbed in trying something new, just like you.

  1. You don’t have to make your own food.

You probably haven’t been to a college dining hall lately, so you might not know how much they have improved over the years. Today’s college campuses usually boast a number of eateries with different types of cuisine, where you can sample new options as well as visit tried-and-true favorites. Amaran Senior Living offers the same concept, with a variety of dining venues, from our lovely al fresco spaces to room service or even theater dining.

  1. You have access to top-tier facilities.

At Amaran, we offer all the amenities you loved about your college campus, reimagined to suit the special needs of seniors. Our Workshop allows you to putter to your heart’s content, doing whatever craft or trade you like, from woodworking to pottery. Our fitness center can help you get or stay fit as you build strength with our brand-new fitness equipment or group classes. A community garden lets you grow everything from flowers to vegetables, and you might even enjoy the “fruits” of your labor when we harvest the crops and use them in one of our farm-to-table recipes.

  1. You can stay as busy as you want.

Classes are just one part of college; most campuses are bustling with clubs, teams and other options to engage you. At Amaran we pride ourselves on offering a busy calendar of activities and programs designed to appeal to any fancy a resident might have. We believe in a “purpose-filled” life and helping our residents live it. And if there’s something they want to do that’s not offered, we’ll work with them to create a club. After all, there’s bound to be someone else who’s interested, too!

Our goal is to help our residents discover new parts of themselves with continual growth and unending purpose as they create, connect and engage. Hmmmm…..sounds just like college doesn’t it?

Want to experience Amaran Senior Living for yourself? We invite you to visit our website where you can click on our “virtual tour” and see all that we have to offer. Then, when you’re ready, we’ll take you on a real tour. We know you’re going to like what you see.