Inter-generational Opportunities at Amaran

Through a partnership with families, friends, and children of Montessori ONE Academy, Amaran encourages inter-generational relationships and involvement. The partnership with Montessori ONE Academy provides residents of Amaran with endless opportunities to share their skills, experiences, and talents with the next generation.


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Imagine the opportunities for residents and children to engage in fun, meaningful, and culturally diverse activities like a pottery class, singing, painting, gardening, even drying chile peppers.

A unique inter-generational bond can be developed as children and residents both learn and help each other on their journey of life.

A resident and a child playing a game of chess at Amaran Senior Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
A resident and two children practicing yoga at Amaran Senior Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Designed to Encourage Inter-generational Activities

Amaran has been designed with many multi-purpose spaces, both interior and exterior, that have been created to encourage residents and children to engage in mutually meaningful activities together, such as reading, exercise, gardening, cooking, woodworking, crafts and more.

Amaran, where there are endless opportunities, continual growth, and unending purpose