The Montessori Approach in our Memory Care Communities

Individuals with memory impairments have seen incredible benefits from the Montessori approach to learning. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, this learning style emphasizes positive reinforcement and repetition to help reestablish memory and recognition. Montessori activities for the residents of Amaran can help to improve their spiritual, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


Person Centered approach to
social and care needs

Hands on Activity

Prepared Environments


Based on evaluation and observation individualized plans
are created for both social and clinical needs.

Access to real tools and materials

Designed to facilitate maximum independence and involvement, environments have activities available 24/7. Spaces are organized and free of visual chaos.

At Most Assisted Living And Memory Care Communities

Based on evaluation individualized plans are created
for clinical needs.

Access to toys, non-functional tools and materials

Activity materials require staff to "get out", limiting access to Residents. Spaces are often over flowing with items with no place to put them creating clutter and visual chaos.

Montessori Based Activity

As a part of Amaran Inter-generational Senior Living, residents will have opportunities to engage in a variety of person-centered, interest-based activity. Getting to know the resident is the basis for all our offerings. Through a deep dive into the resident’s life history and assessments, our Inter-generational Montessori Director (IMD) identifies and creates unique meaningful activities that are scaffolded and matched to the individual. These activities build upon each persons’ life experiences and offer joyful engagement opportunities. These activities feel fun and involving, while simultaneously preserving many cognitive and motor abilities, allowing Amaran elders to maintain as much independence as is possible, for as long as possible!

Our carefully considered programming helps to uphold recognition skills and memory function, at times even activating lost skills through muscle memory. Montessori-based activities give the individuals with memory impairments a sense of accomplishment and pride, or intrinsic reward. Coupled with our Montessori inspired group activities residents in MC and AL have endless opportunities to engage in their own interests with dignity and the support of our caregivers. Under the guidance of the IMD, the Amaran care partners will engage in activities that are specifically made with each resident’s hobbies, interests, and jobs that they enjoyed throughout their lifetime in mind. Activities are broken down into smaller, simple steps and are modified to make it possible for the person to perform the activity successfully and as independently as possible. Each care partner will have step by step instructions and training, a consistent and warm approach, so that no matter who works with each resident, every activity can bring joyful engagement and benefit!

AMARAN is the only Assisted Living and Memory Care Community in Albuquerque to feature intergenerational activities where children and residents participate together. Partnership with Montessori ONE Academy gives the inter-generational opportunity, unlike any other program. Elders will have the choice to work with children in our Nido infant program and with children from toddler age all the way up through 5th grade. The Montessori One campus offers an extensive edible landscaped garden, a chicken coop, and plenty of opportunities for inter-generational activities to be shared!

A resident and child playing at Amaran Senior Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Children playing at Amaran Senior Living in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Montessori Based Spaces

Amaran is the only Inter-generational Assisted Living and Memory Care facility in the country designed with Montessori principles, from the blueprints to the building. We designed our facility to anticipate and meet the needs of the community. Shared multipurpose spaces combine with thoughtfully individualized apartments and create one prepared environment that facilitates joyful living.

Amaran provides a supportive memory care environment that allows residents to make as many of their own choices as possible. Amaran caregivers specialize in employing industry best practices and offering Montessori techniques and materials designed to augment independence. Way-finding cues such as specially designed signs, use of high contrast colors and pictures, coupled with our highly trained caregivers combine to support all residents to navigate the community with success.

Amaran, where there are endless opportunities, continual growth, and unending purpose