Emergency Information

Amaran Senior Living – Response to COVID-19

The situation around COVID-19 is rapidly changing and Amaran Senior Living is closely monitoring it, while taking proactive steps to reduce the risk of COVID-19 among our prospective residents, their families and our team members.

We know that the restrictions placed upon us all due to COVID-19 are disruptive to our normal lives and recognize that your experience with Amaran Senior Living might be slightly different for a time. As the situation progresses, Amaran is committed to remaining well informed and responsive to local, state and government initiatives.

During this unprecedented time the health and safety of our prospective residents, their families, and our team members is our priority. We still aim to guide you through your senior living journey, and are available to connect with you regarding Amaran Senior Living both virtually or by phone (505) 445-1133.

Thank you for understanding as we navigate this crisis together as a community and as a nation.

Staying social while physically distancing

Staying safe while navigating life during the COVID-19 crisis has been challenging for many seniors. Shopping, dining, social, even some medical services have been challenging to access and has potential risk to COVID-19 exposure.

What if we told you that there is a place where you can enjoy a delicious farm to table meals in a variety of dining venues every night? A place that provides multiple luxury settings to engage in great conversation with neighbors and friends while physically distancing? A community where you can access health and professional services while limiting the risk of exposure?

At Amaran Senior Living, we invite you to stay socially engaged with friends and family while finding peace and protection from physically distancing.  

Amaran’s approach in attempting to reduce exposure of COVID-19 is through innovative technology, consistent safety protocols, and community design.  

  • Delivering clean air: at Amaran is done through NeedlePoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) an air purify system that purifies indoor air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors, and pathogens all while saving energy and lowering our carbon footprint. Case studies have shown the use of NPBI can reduce COVID-19 airborne pathogens up to 90%, potentially providing safer, cleaner air for the residents, families, and staff at Amaran.
  • Innovative in Safety: Amaran’s Visitor screening kiosk is the starting point for all guests who visit Amaran. This innovative kiosk takes temperatures, asks exposure risk questions, and approves visitors who pass the screening with a printed name tag. In addition to the visitor screening kiosk, you’ll find sanitation stations throughout the community, as well as knowledgable and trained staff wearing appropriate PPE.
  • Early COVID-19 Vaccinations: Amaran is registered for early COVID-19 vaccine access through the CDC Pharmacy Partnership 
  • Communication & Transparency: Amaran believes that transparency and communication are vital to navigating the COVID-19 crisis successfully. Helping residents, families, and guests understand the specific visitation protocols through our Amaran app, digital screens located throughout the community, and our monthly newsletters are just one way we can keep exposure risk down.
  • PPE preparedness: At Amaran we’d rather have too much then not enough, so we have been diligent in ordering a stock of PPE for our staff to use on every shift keeping themselves and our residents safe.
  • Spread out: Amaran boasts some of the largest Assisted Living units in New Mexico. Spending time in your apartment is comfortable when you have the space to spread out and not feel so cramped. Personal outdoor space like balconies and patios, accompanied with in-room washer and dryer, large kitchenettes, and Amaran’s in-room TV channel, offers the conveniences you want when staying in.
  • Social Dining: Enjoy a delicious farm to table influenced meal while physically distancing in one of our six dining venues, grab a treat from our Cyber Cafe, or stay in and order room service.
  • Connectivity Stay connected and engaged with our wifi throughout the community. You can participate in our virtual social programs, check out an iPad to face time a friend, or use the visiting physician's offices for a telehealth meeting.
  • A breath of fresh air Amaran knows how therapeutic time outside can be for residents. That’s why we’ve created a variety of outdoor spaces for residents to physically distance while enjoying the fresh air. From our patio dining to our sky terrace and lounge to the enclosed pet park with benches to rest Amaran encourages residents to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.  
  • Visiting A visit-even from a distance- can make a difference in someone’s day. Following state and local guidelines, families and friends can enjoy a visit in a variety of ways.
  • Virtual visits : are just one-way residents can stay engaged with their families while living at Amaran. Residents are invited to use the computers and tablets located in the Cyber Café. Not sure how to use a tablet? No worries, one of the Amaran team members will be happy to provide technical support and help get everyone connected.
  • Window visits that are in designated outdoor spaces are a little more comfy at Amaran. Enjoy comfortable soft seating, outdoor heaters and supportive technology to assist in communication.
  • In person visits when following state and local guidelines are allowed at Amaran Senior Living. Residents and family can enjoy each other’s company while wearing protective coverings like face masks, physically distancing while using a 3-sided plexiglass barrier, limiting the size of groups, following all disinfecting protocols, and completing the visitor screening process.